“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.”

Matthew 28:19 (HCSB)


  inviting ~ building ~ equipping

  Inviting people to trust in Jesus.

    Building one another up in the faith.

   Equipping for ministry and service.


Every move – covered in prayer

Every step – closer to Jesus

Every motive – to know Him and make Him known


PMC is following God’s leadership by building in Powhatan County a Christ-centered community of believers by nurturing loving relationships. We invite people to know Christ, build up their faith, and equip them for ministry.

We dream of fulfilling this vision by accomplishing the following:


We invite people to know Christ by:

Reaching out to people for Christ and inviting them to know Jesus. We will strive to be relevant to the larger community around us. The church will focus on strengthening families in the church and in the community.

Providing a spiritual light in and to the community. We will share God’s love with the people around us by meeting needs. We will accomplish this by providing services in the community for people in need and children in the community.

Becoming known as a welcoming people in the community. We will provide welcoming facilities and an inviting environment. Greeters will be located inside and outside the building as needed.

We build up people’s faith by:

Teaching God’s truth. We will strive to provide excellent biblical teaching.

Focusing on becoming a builder of godly people by discipling the believers. We will focus on becoming effective at teaching radical discipleship, emphasizing worship, prayer, private devotions, and other spiritual disciplines.

Emphasizing the importance of family relationships, in the home and at the church. We will build a Christ-centered community emphasizing loving relationships, accountability, and genuine concern for one another.

Developing strong youth and young adult ministries seeking to connect with area college students.

Meeting regularly to worship God. While perfection is not our goal, we will spare no effort to provide excellence in our worship settings. God is honored by our efforts. The worship experienced will be enhanced by the use of tools such as sound enhancement, lighting, and visual aides. Every tool and talent available will be used to provide opportunities for worship worthy of the God and Savior we serve.

We will equip people for ministry by:

Providing training and hands-on experiences for each person to learn how to serve and minister in Christ’s name.

Sending people out to serve and minister in missions opportunities. Finding and providing places for people to work building God’s Kingdom.