The ministry of Powhatan Mennonite Church is carried out by teams.  Once a month the teams leaders meet to share their thoughts and what is happening on their team.  This is not a decision making meeting but rather a time of keeping connected to what is happening in each team and the broader church ministries. Each team has their own budget and area of ministry for which they are responsible.

  1. Adult Education Team
  2. Children’s Ministry Team (Nursery – 8th Grade)
  3. Communications Team
  4. Facilities Team
  5. Finance Team
  6. First Impression Team
  7. Local Outreach Team
  8. Missions Team
  9. Multimedia Team
  10. Spiritual Leadership Team
  11. Women’s Ministry Team
  12. Worship Team


Team Mission Statements and Responsibilities


Note: the following is not intended to be comprehensive documentation on the mission and responsibilities of the teams but a brief overview for quick reference.

Team Responsibilities

General guidelines for all teams:

  • All team leaders will be chosen by the Spiritual Leadership Team (SLT) from among the church membership. (Team leaders, but not necessarily team members, must be members of the church).
  • The team leaders and team members will serve in ministry until they resign or are asked to step down by the SLT or the team leader.
  • The teams and leaders are accountable to the SLT.
  • Each team will submit a yearly budget to the Finance Team.
  • Each team will be evaluated annually by the SLT.
  • The team leader is responsible for assembling a team to fulfill its mission.
  • The SLT will meet monthly with the team leaders.
  • All activities or meetings that involve the entire congregation need to be coordinated through the SLT by calling the Pastor.
  • Everyone continually involved with a ministry will be called a team member. The team leaders will surround themselves with a core group of people from within the team to lead it. (People shoulder tapped to plan an event will be part of the team just for that specific activity or occasion.)

Adult Education Team: (AET)

Mission: Provide adult Christian education in the congregation.


  • Evaluate, plan and make decisions concerning curriculum and staffing upon the approval of the Spiritual Leadership Team.
  • Provide classrooms in conjunction with the Children’s Ministry Team.
  • Coordinate and schedule Sunday School electives.
  • Appoint member of Spiritual Leadership Team to team.

Children’s Ministry Team (Nursery – 8th grade)

Mission: Provide children’s Christian education and spiritual growth opportunities.


  • Evaluate, plan and make decisions concerning curriculum and staffing upon the approval of the Spiritual Leadership Team.
  • Provide children’s fellowship and spiritual growth opportunities.
  • Provide a nursery and schedule care for children during all church services as needed.
  • Assign classrooms in conjunction with Adult Education Team.


Communications Team

Mission: Inform the congregation and the community of the work of the Powhatan Mennonite Church, its services, special events and projects.


  • Publish and maintain the Menno Notes, church website, church directory, and phone tree.
  • Maintain church sign and advertising for the church.
  • Develop and maintain a visitor’s packet to be distributed by the First Impressions Team.

Facilities Team

Mission: Organize and maintain an attractive facility.


  • Control the temperature of the facilities, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off and ensure the thermostats are properly adjusted.
  • Coordinate use of the facility for personal use.

Finance Team

Mission: Manage the funds of Powhatan Mennonite Church with accuracy, integrity and clarity.

Membership and Members:

  • Team Leader chosen by SLT
  • Treasure (name submitted by Team Leader through SLT)
  • Member at large (name submitted by Team Leader through SLT)
  • Elder (Chosen by SLT)
  • Pastor


  • Coordinate spending in light of the availability of funds.
  • Establish procedures for the auditing of and integrity of funds.
  • Appoint and assist a Mennonite Mutual Aid Representative.
  • Produce a yearly budget and present it to the SLT before presenting it to the congregation at the congregational meeting.

First Impressions Team

Mission: Initiate a friendly atmosphere in the congregation with special attention to visitors.


  • Schedule ushers and greeters for all services and assist visitors before Sunday School, before worship services and during special events.
  • Distribute bulletins and visitors’ packets.
  • Inform Spiritual Leadership Team (SLT) of new attendees for follow up.
  • Collect the offering and assist the treasurer in counting the money.
  • Count attendance and provide a count to the bulletin editor.
  • Alert congregation to beginning and end of Sunday School and encourage people to move into the worship service.
  • Adjust temperature during the services.


Local Outreach Team

Mission: Encourage the church in reaching out to our immediate community.


  • Lead the congregation in community outreach and service.
  • Work in conjunction with the Finance Committee and Spiritual Leadership Team to undertake fund raising efforts for local missions that are not within the Outreach Team budget.

Missions Team

Mission: Initiate support for missions outside our immediate community.

  • Keep in touch with mission boards and individual missionaries.
  • Inform the congregation of various mission works the congregation is supporting.
  • Consult with Missionary Support Teams (MST) about programs and appointment of members.
  • Work in conjunction with the Finance and Spiritual Leadership Teams to undertake fund raising efforts for missions that are not within the Mission Team budget.
  • Actively seek mission opportunities and encourage individuals to become involved in these fields of service.
  • Work with the Youth Ministry Team to encourage the youth of the congregation to consider short and long term mission work; assist in raising funds for youth mission projects.
  • Appoint and assist representatives to Mennonite Disaster Service and Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale.


Multimedia Team

Mission: Operate, maintain and improve as necessary the audio and video equipment of the church. The team will also study and initiate new ways to use media in the work of the congregation.


  • Work closely with Worship Team in developing and using audio/visual resources in our worship services.
  • Provide technical support for church activities, services and events.


Spiritual Leadership Team: (SLT)

Mission: Lead the church in its God-given vision.


  • Pastor: Team leader
  • Head Elder: Leads in the absence of the pastor.
  • Two more elders

Mission: Lead the church in its God given vision.

The Spiritual Leadership Team uses their gifts and works together, both pastor and elders, to provide for the spiritual health of the congregation.  The Team leads the church in discipleship, fellowship, worship, ministry and evangelism.  They lead us in our mission to reach nonbelievers and in growth in discipleship as we become more faithful followers of Christ. The Spiritual Leadership Team leads the church in reaching out to the unchurched, and monitors our growth and continues to define ways to fulfill the church’s mission.

The SLT may request the Elder Selection Team to process and add more elders as the need arises.


  • Lead the congregation through oversight of team ministry and attend church functions whenever possible.
  • The Pastor is expected to fill the responsibility of preaching with the team providing general oversight of preaching and teaching.
  • Encourage people to consider membership: assess new member applications.
  • Baptize believers.
  • Help the congregation with spiritual care and restoration (includes prayer and anointing the sick).
  • Care for the needs of the church (visitation, contacting visitors and assessing congregational needs).
  • Commission other leaders (communicate with team leaders, discern gifts needed on SLT, maintain leadership of the congregation during pastor’s absence or pastoral crisis).
  • Exercise church discipline.
  • Provide for attendance/representation at Virginia Conference, Eastern District meetings and other conference related events.
  • Have a member serve on the Adult Christian Education Team (chosen by ACE Team).



Mission: Preach, teach and provide leadership for the congregation as the leader of the Spiritual Leadership Team.


  • Serve as a member of the Worship and Finance Teams.
  • Lead the Spiritual Leadership Team.
  • Lead the Elder Selection Team.

Women’s Ministry Team

Mission: Encourage all women to be involved in church active ties; also, be better caregivers, strengthening our relationships.


  • Send flowers or other appropriate gifts to people hospitalized, undergoing surgery or experiencing death in the family.
  • Schedule flowers in the sanctuary for Sunday services.
  • Schedule meals for people following births or major illness.
  • Coordinate baby and wedding showers.
  • Make lodging/meal arrangements for guest speakers.
  • Give oversight to Food Service Team.
  • Plan women’s retreats.
  • Communicate information for Annual Day, retreats, and announcements from Mennonite Women of Virginia and MC-USA to the PMC women.

1. Food Service Team:

Mission: Encourage fellowship and unity within the congregation by providing food services for planned church activities with a willingness to serve others in Christian love.


  • Coordinate food service needs for social and fellowship events of congregation.
  • Purchase supplies and stock the kitchen.
  • Plan arrangement of tables and chairs with assistance of ushers.
  • Ensure kitchen and social area are cleaned and free of trash.
  • Account for kitchen items, tables, and chairs borrowed from the church.


2. Women’s Service Fellowship:

Mission: To resource women within our congregation, nurture our life in Christ, utilize our gifts, hear each other, ` and engage in mission and service.

Responsibilities and activities:

  • Respond to the material needs of the local church and community through a variety of projects, which include making blankets for new babies and families suffering a house fire and giving care packages to college students.
  • Participate in the broader church-wide outreach ministries of Mennonite Central Committee, including help with the annual Virginia Relief Sale and periodic provision of health and school kits for distribution to areas of need in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Be accountable to the Virginia Mennonite Women and the Mennonite Women U.S.A. organizations.
  • Meet every second Tuesday of the month for a day of sewing, lunch, and fellowship.

Worship Team: (WT)

Mission: Prepare and plan worship services in coordination with the Spiritual Leadership Team.


  • Seek the advice and direction of the Pastor in the planning and implementation of every service.
  • Maintain a list of approved worship leaders and song leaders.
  • Study, prepare, and oversee the ways our auditorium will be prepared and used for worship. This includes close cooperation with the Women’s Ministry Team and the First Impressions Team to ensure the auditorium is inviting.
  • Work closely with the Multimedia Team to enhance the use of media in our services to draw the church into deeper worship of our Lord; study and use different media in worship as appropriate for the service being planned.